Di sini saya memposting link-link tentang pemrograman, coding atau sesuatu yang sedikit berbau komputer

Here is my recent post about programming, coding, computer or whatever related with keyboard and monitor, :). I currently interested in ubuntu on my OS X Lion Virtual Box so you'll found plenty posts about it
Prime Number on Python
Prime Number on Delphi
SSH Tunnelling Firefox on Oneiric Ocelot behind Virtual Box's NAT
Automounting Shared Folder on Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot as Guest in OS X Lion VirtualBox

I am Python programmer, at least I am able to write script on python and it's run, :)
Python-based Web Page to Compute Function with User Input Flexible Function
User Input on Python during Runtime
Displaying Calculation Output of Python on Web (customizing)
Displaying Calculation Output of Python Script to Web Page using Python-based Web Server
Creating Web Page using Python including its Webserver (basehttpserver module)
Django ain't for This

As for PHP, I am not really understand it yet, but my environment need it so I have to, at least, write a page using PHP. And since I am lazy (yes), I won't manually type a list of links if I can grab it with PHP syntaks, heheh
 Get a List of Link of a Website using Php


I post my college time homework paper too, even it's just the code
Robert Cross Edge Detection using Python on OS X Lion
Vertical Sobel Operator Manual Edge Detection using Python and PIL