Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Unlock Tracktion for Mac (redeem)

 I bought Behringer Xenyx QX1202usb, a wonderful cheap small mixer.

 Turn out that it has serial number or code in it case. It allowed us to get full access for Tracktion software.

 So I follow the instruction: register, got confirmation email, download.

 When running the software it prompt me to choose between unlock or continue trial. Of course I went to unlock route. But when I type my email and password it get error.

 Tinkering with it for some hours, the truth's hit me. Tracktion gave me T5 software link in my email. The license is for T4.

 So I download T4 manually (re-register with the same email address). Installed , ran , unlocked, and... succeed.

 And guess what, after I unlocked T4, I ran T5, and it suddenly became unlocked, a little surprise bonus..., :)