Saturday, October 17, 2015

Split Screen on El Capitan

 I know, Windows has tile/cascade feature gazillion years ago.

 Anyway, here it is.

 There's several way to activate split screen feature on OS X El Capitan

 If we don't have fullscreen apps yet, just hold the "fullscreen-button" on one apps, there's blue tint on background indicating on which side it will 'snap', we could choose either right or left. After the window snap to one side, chose other app window to fill the other side of screen. Now, we have a split screen.

 If we already have full screen apps, just activate Mission control by swipe for finger up, and drag the apps we want to work and drop into already full screen apps. The full screen apps will shrink to half to provide space for app we drop.

 We can adjust the width of apps by dragging the border between two split apps.