Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Blackberry Messengers' ID

An internal error has occured. Please try again.

Familiar with that? It's in red, in the BBM registration/sign in form above email box.

No? Well, you're lucky then. I'm stuck on that for three days on my Andromax C.

Neither reinstall BBM nor using old apk's solve that problem.

And I have no problem set it up on my Andromax I3S. Bought at the same day. Actually, my C's bonus, part of 'buy one get one' promotion.

Before this, I have BBM on my iPhone and Genymotion. Both's installed without error.


I found the solution accidentally

My BBM email IDs on my other device, real and virtual, have either or

On my Smartfren Andromax C, I'm using email with, notice the double dot.

Apparently BBM couldn't handle this.

What if we insist using the email? It's okay, just remove the dot. Some email provider like gmail ignore the dot at the address. So a.ra.vir identic with aravir. However BBM treat them as different address.

Try again with the same address but without he dots.

And it's success, horay..., :)