Wednesday, May 13, 2015


 vAVRdisasm is an 8-bit Atmel AVR firmware disassembler. 

According to its site, this single-pass disassembler can read Atmel Generic, Intel HEX8, and Motorola S-Record formatted files containing valid AVR program binaries.

I compile it without problem on my Macbook Air running OS X Yosemite. Simply by typing 


and there it is, the binary is created. Copied it to my /usr/local/bin (or whatever you want, copy it to Desktop, or even use it as is in the download folder, in its source directory )

Last login: Mon May 11 11:12:14 on ttys000

Nugrohos-MacBook-Air:~ nugroho$ cd Downloads/

Nugrohos-MacBook-Air:Downloads nugroho$ cd vavrdisasm-master/

Nugrohos-MacBook-Air:vavrdisasm-master nugroho$ ls

COPYING print_stream.c disasm_stream.h print_stream.h

Makefile file stream_error.h instruction.h vavrdisasm.sln

avr lsupp vavrdisasm.vcproj

byte_stream.h main.c

Nugrohos-MacBook-Air:vavrdisasm-master nugroho$ less 

Nugrohos-MacBook-Air:vavrdisasm-master nugroho$ make

gcc -Wall -O3 -D_GNU_SOURCE -I. -c file/libGIS-1.0.5/atmel_generic.c -o build/file/libGIS-1.0.5/atmel_generic.o

gcc -Wall -O3 -D_GNU_SOURCE -I. -c file/libGIS-1.0.5/ihex.c -o build/file/libGIS-1.0.5/ihex.o

gcc -Wall -O3 -D_GNU_SOURCE -I. -c file/libGIS-1.0.5/srecord.c -o build/file/libGIS-1.0.5/srecord.o

gcc -Wall -O3 -D_GNU_SOURCE -I. -c file/atmel_generic.c -o build/file/atmel_generic.o

gcc -Wall -O3 -D_GNU_SOURCE -I. -c file/ihex.c -o build/file/ihex.o

gcc -Wall -O3 -D_GNU_SOURCE -I. -c file/srecord.c -o build/file/srecord.o

gcc -Wall -O3 -D_GNU_SOURCE -I. -c file/binary.c -o build/file/binary.o

gcc -Wall -O3 -D_GNU_SOURCE -I. -c file/debug.c -o build/file/debug.o

gcc -Wall -O3 -D_GNU_SOURCE -I. -c file/test.c -o build/file/test.o

gcc -Wall -O3 -D_GNU_SOURCE -I. -c file/asciihex.c -o build/file/asciihex.o

gcc -Wall -O3 -D_GNU_SOURCE -I. -c avr/avr_instruction_set.c -o build/avr/avr_instruction_set.o

gcc -Wall -O3 -D_GNU_SOURCE -I. -c avr/avr_disasm.c -o build/avr/avr_disasm.o

gcc -Wall -O3 -D_GNU_SOURCE -I. -c avr/avr_print.c -o build/avr/avr_print.o

gcc -Wall -O3 -D_GNU_SOURCE -I. -c print_stream.c -o build/print_stream.o

gcc -Wall -O3 -D_GNU_SOURCE -I. -c main.c -o build/main.o

gcc  build/file/libGIS-1.0.5/atmel_generic.o build/file/libGIS-1.0.5/ihex.o build/file/libGIS-1.0.5/srecord.o build/file/atmel_generic.o build/file/ihex.o build/file/srecord.o build/file/binary.o build/file/debug.o build/file/test.o build/file/asciihex.o build/avr/avr_instruction_set.o build/avr/avr_disasm.o build/avr/avr_print.o build/print_stream.o build/main.o -o vavrdisasm

Nugrohos-MacBook-Air:vavrdisasm-master nugroho$ ls

COPYING print_stream.h disasm_stream.h stream_error.h

Makefile file vavrdisasm instruction.h vavrdisasm.sln

avr lsupp vavrdisasm.vcproj

build main.c

byte_stream.h print_stream.c

Nugrohos-MacBook-Air:vavrdisasm-master nugroho$ ./vavrdisasm

Usage: ./vavrdisasm [options] 

Disassembles program file . Use - for standard input.

vAVRdisasm version 3.1 - 09/18/2014.

Vanya A. Sergeev -


  -o, --out-file          Write to file instead of standard output.

  -t, --file-type         Specify file type of the program file.

  --assembly                    Produce assemble-able code with address labels.

  --data-base-hex               Represent data constants in hexadecimal


  --data-base-bin               Represent data constants in binary.

  --data-base-dec               Represent data constants in decimal.

  --no-addresses                Do not display address alongside disassembly.

  --no-opcodes                  Do not display original opcode alongside


  --no-destination-comments     Do not display destination address comments

                                  of relative branch/jump/call instructions.

  --objdump                     Create avr-objdump compatible output.

                                  Affects address display.

  -h, --help                    Display this usage/help.

  -v, --version                 Display the program's version.

Supported file types:

  Atmel Generic             generic

  Intel HEX8                ihex

  Motorola S-Record         srec

  Raw Binary                binary

  ASCII Hex                 ascii

Nugrohos-MacBook-Air:vavrdisasm-master nugroho$ cp vavrdisasm /usr/local/bin/

cp: /usr/local/bin/vavrdisasm: Permission denied

Nugrohos-MacBook-Air:vavrdisasm-master nugroho$ sudo cp vavrdisasm /usr/local/bin/


Nugrohos-MacBook-Air:vavrdisasm-master nugroho$ vavrdisasm 

Here vAvrDisasm in action

Nugrohos-MacBook-Air:ATTiny13A nugroho$ cd 
Nugrohos-MacBook-Air:~ nugroho$ cd Desktop/mikrocontroller/ATTiny/ATTiny13A/
Nugrohos-MacBook-Air:ATTiny13A nugroho$ ls
coba.cof coba.eep.hex coba.hex coba.obj coba.s
Nugrohos-MacBook-Air:ATTiny13A nugroho$ vavrdisasm coba.hex 
   0: c0 00       rjmp .+0 ; 0x2
   2: e0 01       ldi R16, 0x01
   4: bb 08       out $18, R16
   6: bb 07       out $17, R16
   8: cf ff       rjmp .-2 ; 0x8
Nugrohos-MacBook-Air:ATTiny13A nugroho$