Monday, April 13, 2015

MotoGP Austin


I immediately saw that the first corner  is ridiculously tricky

Well, almost all corners are, :)

(Very weird circuit layout)

And I'm sure the delay due to water spillage at turn 3, which is not present at the Moto2 race, break the mood of all. 

(Where is it come from? The bridge?)

Honda goes without saying

Battle happened between Yamaha and Ducati for 2nd (Rossi n Dovi) and for 4th (Lorenzo n Ianone)

Used to delivered just power, now apparently ducati cornering's improved 

With Yamaha have just cornering advantage, and still unsolved the front tire problem,  it obvious that Rossi have to give it all in his trick bag, and yet he's still struggling to just keep in second.