Monday, April 6, 2015

Arduino with HC05 Bluetooth Module on OS X Yosemite

Got HC05 Bluetooth Module last Saturday at electronic store, connect it with my Arduino Pro Mini (ATMega 328 based) the usual way: tx—rx, rx—tx, vcc—5v and ground—0v. Powered it on alongside the Pro Mini. The led indicator blinked, good sign, :)

Pairing with my Mac is easy, but make sure the pairing code is 1234, mac use 0000 as default code. If paired successfully the led blink pattern will change. 

Open the serial monitor and, nothing appeared, :(

Maybe the IDE busy so I open the OS X terminal and access using screen:

$screen /dev/cu.HC-05-DevB 

Still nothing happened. 

Unplug all the cable, plug it again. And yup, there’s serial output (using Arduino IDE serial monitor or screen command on terminal )

I have a Mac with Yosemite.
Apparently, most of my problem with arduino board is loose cable connection, :)