Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Playing with FreeBSD

Got boot-only iso and managed to install it on my Parallel Desktop on my Macbook Air with Yosemite. 

Of course it just CLI.

Strange, the root shell have tab completion feature, but the normal users didn’t.


The answer come from 2003 and 2005 Mailing-List, :)

To enable tab completion
$chsh -s /bin/tcsh

(it didn’t enable tab completion actually , it change shell with tab completion feature :) )
We could so use

$chsh -s /bin/csh 

tcsh shell support tab completion too.

Another thing is, normal user can’t use sudo command (because it’s not installed, :P )
So,  install sudo first (I used pkg command instead of pkg_add)

#pkg install sudo 
edit /usr/local/etc/sudoers as root and visudo command (don’t edit it using regular vi editor, or ANY editor)


add this

username ALL=(ALL) ALL

and life become more easier...