Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Magic "Anagram" Move on Keynote

Installing Keynote 6.2.2.

It's fast.

Upgrade my old Keynote files, no problem, almost all animations and transitions is okay. Anagram, my favourite transition, works well on new Keynote.

Until I creates new presentation directly from it.

Well, duh, ... (description about getting used to new interface with tripped out here and there)

and what...? Where's my lovely anagram?

(feels depressed)

Fiddling some days

and hooray..., the anagram's there, it just didn't appear as single transition, it merged to magic move

the bonuses is, we still able to move other object, even resize it, just as old magic move do

Now, my favourite transition is Magic Move, :)

here the vid