Monday, August 25, 2014

New iWork Suite's Finally Free

It happens this morning when I opened my battered MacBook.

Theres a badge of new notification on MacStore icon.

...iTunes, iMovie, Aperture, iMovie,  the usual...

...and....the list is goes on until my eyes suddenly focused on Keynote? Pages? Numbers? What a...


I think my 09 iWork suite won't get any update anymore.

...when in doubt, googling it, :)

no such result...

so, play safe, googling:"side by side installing new iWork and iWork 09" :)

still unsure

so backing an iWork '09 Folder on a thumbdrive and click "Update"


and, it proved that there's no problem at all (so far). The new update's installed itself outside iWork folder on Application so the life is still go on, :)

I'm not trying it yet, planned to update to confirm some bad rumour about the new Pages, Numbers and Keynote.

(anyone know that it's actually free? as in "actually free"? no trial? no shareware?)