Sunday, July 20, 2014

Greek Egyptian United, :)

Have you read The Staff of Serapis? 

It's Rick Riordan's another mini story beside Son of Sobek. 

This book's in Annabeth point of view telling her counter with Greek-Egypt hybrid god (not capital G mind you) Serapis. Also, here we heard about second encounter of greek demigod Annabeth with egyptian magician Sadie Kane. 

This story take place in Rockaway several week after Son of Sobek (in which Percy Jackson, Annabeth boyfriend, met Carter Kane, brother of Sadie). 

Maybe it signs that Rick intends to create new book/s that unite Greek/Roman demigod and Egyptian blood of pharaoh magician  to save the world, hopefully. 

For you waiting new demigod book next october, The Blood of Olympus, maybe this mini story'll satisfy your hunger :)