Sunday, July 6, 2014

Create Presentation in LaTeX using Beamer Class

You could do presentation using LaTeX you know, :)

There’s class named Beamer

It has some theme too, boadilla, goetingen, shadow, classic. I used several of ‘em several years ago but at now, influenced (or obsessed) by Steve Job’s Keynotes, I used the default theme, no slide or top or bottom navigation. 

 I don’t like the bullet style of “itemise" or plain number of “enumerate” though. So I do little tweak to get through this, actually just two lines on the beginning. I set it to became square style (yup, the number is inside square, :) )

 I used it since 2008, introduced by Mas Ardhi at UGM.

\setbeamertemplate{enumerate items}[square]
\setbeamertemplate{itemize items}[square]
\author{Nugroho Adi Pramono} 


%\frame{\frametitle{Table of contents}\tableofcontents} 

Frame saya
\subsection{Subsection }
langsung deskripsi

\frame{\frametitle{List tanpa nomor}
\item  \LaTeX  
\item menggunakan Beamer
\item untuk presentasi
\item heheh...

\item Tadaa....
\item Deskripsiku tentang
\item nobullet
\item heheh....

\subsection{Lists II}
\frame{\frametitle{numbered lists}
\item Introduction to  \LaTeX  
\item Course 2 
\item Termpapers and presentations with \LaTeX 
\item Beamer class


and here the result

on slideshare