Monday, June 16, 2014

DIY HLA Cleaning on my 323F Astina

open engine cover

one bolt free

two bolt free 

third bolt is easy too

 …, and the last bolt is… 

worn out…, not hexagonal anymore,

couldn’t be turned with any type of wrench, oh dear

Grab a hammer and chisel, and "do" it

And it's break free..., :)

HLA, I'm coming... (there it is, big coin-head-shaped HLA, not small bullet-shape one )

 wait, .....

Open the manual book, 

Have to remove timing belt first, whatch out the mark, it must not changed on the assembly,

And then distributor have to be remove too, .....

ToDo cancelled, ..., maybe next weekend, :)

Gonna to do like this one