Monday, November 18, 2013

iBooks Author Supported Equation with Latex-style Input

Finally, the dream comes true :)

Tonight, I give iBooks Author a try, ehm..., actually second (alright third...) try. I have it since Mountain Lion (or maybe Lion) on my mid 09 13 inch aluminium unibody macbook pro, installed and never touched.

To be fair it's awesome, having simplicity of pages and keynote yet produce a powerfull, beautifull PDF (or ibooks) file.

And guess what... When I scrambling toward menu, there's "Equation" item under "Insert" menu.


Clicked it and...

"Insert Latex or XML equation ..."

Wow,... The awesomeness is level up several degree :)

Maybe it'll become my new main weapon replacing VIM+LaTeX combo to write book or publishing.


-no footnote
-no bibliography