Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Retractor Headlight on My Mazda 323F Astina

My Mazda 323F popup headlight suddenly refuse to retract. While the servicemanual book provide everything about it, I couldn't place the 'retractor unit' in my Astina. So I guest it's some kind of relay and decided to rewiring it.

My new retractor wiring depends exclusively on headlamp, either normal or beam. When the lights on, the retractor will 'up', and retract 'down' when lights are off.

Several diode present to prevent a mixed current and 'fireback' such as normal and beam headlight on in the same time or  the relay active while the ignition is switched off.

(MX 5 / miata or RX 7 may have different cable colour)

(here the update using single SPDT relay)