Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Blackberry Experience (part3)

In term of ease of use, I prefer non qwerty phone, thus, I prefer other devices than blackberries (but z10, maybe)

Why I don't like qwerty phone, because I didn't use to it. My first smartphone has candybar form factor, w960i, and I barely use it keyboard because I prefer its handwriting method using stylus.

I still like it and hope iPhone include this feature (unfortunatelly Apple don't bother to include it). I think it's possible cause google applied it in its search engine (work on i Phone too)

I start to used dvorak on my macbook pro in 2009, and since then I "abuse" my home PC, my HP tx2100us, and two server at work keyboards to became dvorak layout. It's simpler and more balance (right and left stroke). Of course blackberry, with its infamous qwerty keyboard, slow me down a bit.

Unfortunately, it applies to iPhone too. Although it allows for changing layout, it don't provide dvorak. Nevertheless, I still prefer iPhone over blackberry because its ability to change its keyboard layout. I'm currently use azerty layout on iPhone.