Thursday, May 10, 2012

Searching Song using Melody

A moment ago when I'm waking up in the morning suddenly I had a jolt on my ear that make me jump and run in to front door and burst into my front yard with almost out of breath.

No, not an earthquake nor fire. It is a sound of music from a running fast car across street in front of my home. Yeah, it's music I used to listen when I was boy. I want to have that song badly. The problem is, I don't know what song is it--title, singer, band.

I always manage to google a song with no title, provided I know the artist. Without artist I am still, hardly, able to obtain a certain song if I know a word or to of its lyric.

But in this case, I'm finished. I just remember the melody of this song; no title no artist, no lyric. There's iOS application that have ability to detect an anonymous music named Shazam, but it's no use for me as Shazam need the song as sample to identify.

I hope there's music searching machine that have ability to search a melody, even with whistling. :)