Saturday, December 24, 2011

SSH Tunnelling Firefox on Oneiric Ocelot behind Virtual Box's NAT

I have Ubuntu 11.10 guest installation on my VBox on OS X Lion host. What the point of it? Yeah, first I want to create isolated environment that won't bring the headache if it destroyed. Second, I want to break that isolated environment so it can reach the world wide.

For start, I begin with ssh tunneling. I used ssh connection to tunnel firefox's data. It look like firefox isn't connect through NAT but through my ssh server instead.

To be able to do this. I have to have access to some server outside via ssh. Fortunately, now free shell access is widely available, just google for it and subscribe.

To make connection through ssh for tunneling use this command

ssh -ND 7777 

It will bring a prompt ask for password and then nothing, that N means, it will not bring interactive shell

On firefox side, open edit, preferences, advanced, network, setting
Choose manual configuration and type on SOCKS host: localhost port 7777

Now firefox's connection have been tunnelled.