Monday, December 5, 2011

Grapher on Mac OS X

Any wonder how "x power ten" curve is? Well, maybe not, we know that equation is just another parabolic like curve. But how about (x^3-3x)/(4x-3)? Maybe little calculation could help. How about e^x-x^2... (oh my God, WHAT IN EARTH YOU'RE TRYING TO SAY?)

It begin when I bought my first Mac. I realized that we could search anything using spotlight, even application and web.

Someday (forget where and when), when I surfing on internet for solution of mathematic function, I got a page full of wonderfull snapshot of exotic function on 3D with standart cartesian system, rotateable, etc. And it's said that OS X's Grapher did that. So I am Command-Space-ing my mac and voila... There's Grapher, apps I never know exist on my mac did appear.

Grapher have capability to draw almost any kind of equation. It can draw an equation in 3D or 2D. We can draw parametric function in Grapher as well.

Yeah, Grapher is, at least for me, hidden functional application brought by OS X.

The best of all, it's free, :)