Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tinycore Linux on Lion's Virtual Box

I installed it on new machine. Though it's not really installing for I just running the iso. My virtual machine is set without harddisk.

The OS boot very quick. But here the problem arise.

While GUI is included in this 8 Mb distro, I can't used it effectivelly soon. You know, my mac has dvorak keyboard layout, so what I typed come out as gibberish. There is  kmaps.tcz and I applied it but it has no effect

Royyan saat Tengkurap

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tiny Core Linux

Just wandering around and landed in ibiblio, glaring at my mac screen the tiny core linux, just 10 Mb linux distro with GUI, wow… and I thought damnsmalllinux is small enough.

This distribution is based on nothing, I mean it didn't based on large or old distro like ubuntu, debian or slackware like other mini distros that usually is stripped down version of its big distro.

SSH Tunnelling Firefox on Oneiric Ocelot behind Virtual Box's NAT

I have Ubuntu 11.10 guest installation on my VBox on OS X Lion host. What the point of it? Yeah, first I want to create isolated environment that won't bring the headache if it destroyed. Second, I want to break that isolated environment so it can reach the world wide.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Automounting Shared Folder on Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot as Guest in OS X Lion VirtualBox

My Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot on virtual box have shared folder with host OS X Lion named 'vbox'. I used to typing command after login to mount that folder to my home directory. I mount it to falder named 'vbox' too using this command

$sudo mount -t vboxsf vbox vbox.  

However, at old time, I used to auto mount other partition that refused to automount (usually ntfs or other linux distros partition) at login by editing /etc/fstab

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lagu dengan Ketukan Nada Ganjil

Saat terbaring kaku karena obat tidur dosis super, aku buka iTunes dan memainkan keseluruhan koleksi  lagu-lagu secara shuffle. Enak sekali tidur tanpa bisa bergerak sambil diiringi lagu-lagu yang kadang sangat sering kuputar, kadang ada yang sudah lama tidak kuputar, bahkan lupa kalu pernah punya lagu itu.

Saat lagu "Tidurlah-tidur"nya Katon selesai, mulailah ketenangan tidurku terusik ketika "Under A Glass Moon"-nya Dream Theather mulai dimainkan oleh si Apple Mac. Lagu ini memiliki ketukan-ketukan yang berganti-ganti. Awalnya 6/4, sudah aneh, coba anggukkan kepala mengikuti nada-nadanya, anda akan dipaksa menganggukkan kepala saat seharusya anggukkan anda masih di atas. Saat melodi, hm , anda sakti kalo tahu itu birama berapa. Banyak lagu-lagu Dream Theather yang memiliki karakter seperti ini

Obat Tidur Dosis Super

Saat ini aku susah bergerak, bahkan untuk batuk pun susah karena perut terasa kram. Bukan karena terkena penyakit tertentu, melainkan karena obat tertentu.

Tiga hari ini, tenggorokan terasa panas, bukan seperti batuk pilek biasa. Setelah periksa ke bidan desa, ternyata tenggorokanku ada semacam sariawan!!! Difteri, hm, sudah hampir dua tahun tidak mengalami lagi, bukannya ingin sakit sih, cuma gak bisa lupa sakit yang dua tahun lalu, suaraku sampe berubah jadi pecah kayak robot. Kalo bisa diatur agar suaranya bisa suara prime-tertz-quin sih tidak masalah, :(

Monday, December 19, 2011

Python-based Web Page to Compute Function with User Input Flexible Function

This is improved from my python-based web based to display function. In this version, users have ability to input a function and then display it with it value for given variable to python-based web page.

The code below will get input from users (if no input, the default value is sin(x)), parsed it to function python understand, and then eval it for given variable (in this code, x=10). After computed, it's inserted to template that resembling html code. Thus, since it's displayed in html style, we could add our customization (background, css, etc)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

User Input on Python during Runtime

Eventually, we want interactivity when executing Python script. We want user to give input for some variable. It'll useful for, lets call, application form where user have to input her/his name, age, etc. On math field, user will have flexibility to input the function and range of variable used to computation.

Displaying Calculation Output of Python on Web (customizing)

After success displaying output using python based web, it's normal if we want to display the value of function with a range of variable.

The code below will create web page hosted by Python 2.7 BaseHttpServer module. The page contains list of value of function sin(x)+x**2 at -7<x<7

Displaying Calculation Output of Python Script to Web Page using Python-based Web Server

It'll be convenient if we could displaying output from our Python code to web page.

To convert calculation output of Python script to web page we need BaseHTTPServer, a Python-based web server. With it, we could write any python code and display it in no time. It has advantage in form of simplicity, we don't need php to convert our result or typing it to static html code, we just used python alone (it's possible to write html and php code on python though).

Creating Web Page using Python including its Webserver (basehttpserver module)

It's possible to create web page using Python, even self hosted it using Python built in webserver (basehttpserver module)

Here the code. It'll create web server with port 8080 and if it's accessed, it'll show a page. In the code below, page showed for us is just plain text "magic content goes here". I am planning to investigate this self.wfile.write behavior.

Django ain't for This

While I'm searching for tutorial about creating simple static web page using Django, I surprised that i found almost nothing. There is Django documentation for it but I think it's too much; creating microblogger, forum, note, wiki, etc.

According what I found after surfed a while, Django isn't for this. I was suggestet to use basehttpserver instead.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Get a List of Link of a Website using Php

It'll be convenient if we could grab all link on a website just like firefox add-on--DownThemAll, and put it in our pages.

Fortunately, PHP has fopen function we could use for it. Here the code. It'll get this blog source, search for link, and print to screen the result.


I confused about GCC version brought by XCode 4.2 on OS X Lion, so I surfing and landing on several sites to find out what is this llvm version.

Here some result.

Llvm stand for low level virtual machine

Robert Cross Edge Detection using Python on OS X Lion

The code below will convert an image to grayscale, get its pixel value and save it in array. With its pixel value in array, it's easy to apply Robert Cross Edge detect operation.

This operator is simpler than Sobel's.

Vertical Sobel Operator Manual Edge Detection using Python and PIL

This python code is used to detect the edge, of course, using Sobel Operator. The 'manual' word in this post title means I apply it manually as scipy python module has it capability. This code convert a jpeg image to grayscale and then detect its edge.

JPEG Support for Python 2.7's PIL Module on OS X Lion

My PIL module refuse to process jpeg image. It says that there is no decoder jpeg on my system. It's no good  since I want to process that kind of file using PIL in future, and my older iPhoto picture on my 13 inch MacBook Pro is generally in jpeg format too.

Here the snapshot

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Installing Python-2.7's Imaging Library Module on OS X Lion

PIL, as its name suggest, is an imaging library for python. I used PIL to get every pixel of an image as 2x2 array information. With that I could modify it with many possibilities; edge detection, black and white transformation, log transformation, creating watermark, etc.

{update: I install this PIL module on my OS X El Capitan too, :), and easier

Install GCC 4.6.2 on OS X Lion (success)

Still failed, for not able to access gcc-4.6.2 automatically (have to access ~/gcc462/bin), I install binary GCC from HPC. So I'm extracted gcc-lion.tar.gz. For my surprise, it's extracted with some hierarchy like usr/local/bin, usr/local/include, … and I supposed to copy it to root folder. In that case, my Xcode4.2's gcc would still intact because it's in /usr/bin .

 I wonder if all gcc compilation result'll stored to /usr/local if we didn't pass any parameter, so I checked my /usr/local/bin directory

Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot on OS X Lion via Virtual Box

It's long time since my MacBook Pro had ubuntu installed. Curious about new release of ubuntu, I decided to download .iso file via torrent network and installed it on my Mac via VirtualBox as I don't want to dual booting my Mac again (the way I did several years ago).

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Installing GCC 4.6.2 on OSX Lion

After searching how to's, compiling from source, installing Snow Leopard version of Xcode (on its DVD) and installing light alternate gcc 4.2 version without success (or success but not satisfied), I  installed Xcode 4.2 on my OS X Lion. Alas, Apple ship its own GCC compiler, llvm-gcc, instead GCC. So I download tar.gz version of GCC-4.6.2 from GNU and try to install it
From Blogsy Photos
From Blogsy Photos
check to know what dependencies I don't have by typing


First Impression of Portable Python

I'm curious about Portable Python I found several days ago even I don't have windows machine. So I borrowed my mom's Pentium III Dynabook Satellite with XP installed, and installed Portable Python in my 8GB Transcend JetFlash USB pendrive. Pathetic though; why do I installed it to pen drive if I already have Windows machine? Yeah, because it can't be installed via my MacBook Pro with Lion of course. Anyway here's some screenshot

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Image Processing using PIL Module on Python

Python has capability to get information of every pixel of an image an save it as array. With that, we can modify an image with unlimited posibility. To be able to used this features, we have to import a module named Image (we must install PIL first). There is no Python2.7's PIL module on My Mac OS X Lion yet.

 Here's some result from my Snow Leopard using Python2.5.

The image below is original image that'll be processed to black and white, negative, log and gamma transformation
From Blogsy Photos

Monday, December 12, 2011

Lorenz Attractor using Python 2.7 and Vpython Module on Mac OS X Lion

From Blogsy Photos
Lorenz attractor's generated by three nonlinear simultaneous equation.


The Journey of Installing Matplotlib Python on Mac OS X Lion (continued)

To install Matplotlib, I have to install numpy first. To install numpy, I need GCC. Lion installer package didn't come with XCode, it has to be downloaded separately from MacAppStore for free. I don't dare to even trying it with my sluggish itnternet connection, so I tried others possibility without success untill I found my SnowLeopard DVD.

Finally, I am able to install GCC. I used XCode 3.2 on Snow Leopard DVD in Lion, :). So, the journey is continue…

Check (just for show off, :))

Tux and Beasty

Tux is Linux mascot while Beasty is FreeBSD mascot (have same pronounciation like BSD)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Creating Django Apps on OS X Lion 10.7.2

As this is my first time using Django, I have to take care of some initial setup. Namely, I’ll need to auto-generate some code that establishes a Django project – a collection of settings for an instance of Django, including database configuration, Django-specific options and application-specific settings.

Django Python Module on OS X Lion 10.7.2

As python programmer, I wish I could build a web using it too. I used to use CMS based portal, but eventually I want python thing in my site. Fortunately, it can be done, using Django.

According it site, Django ( is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.

Double Tap Dragging on Lion

I wrote about missing single-tap-hold on Lion to dragging. However, after googling around, I found that it's still has capability to do it, just you will find it at the most unpredictable place in System Preferences

Lion have more Finger Gesture than Snow Leopard

Migrating from Snow Leopard to Lion is confusing and annoying but fun experience. One feature of Lion that I noticed very much is new finger gesture as it's a whole different experience than Snow Leopard.

Operasi Vektor di Python

Di python terdapat operasi dot dan cross untuk array. Namun ketika saya terapkan, ternyata operasi tersebut bukan merupakan operasi vektor melainkan operasi untuk matrik. Mungkin saya yang kurang mempelajari lebih mendalam atau mungkin memang demikian sifat operasi tersebut, akhirnya saya mendefinisikan sendiri operasi dot dan cross untuk vektor menggunakan def (semacam implementasi python untuk function atau procedure).

Operasi Matrik di Python

Python dapat melakukan operasi matrik semacam invers, normalisasi, determinan, mencari nilai eigen, trace, bahkan eksponen matrik.

Menggambar Grafik di Python dengan Matplotlib

Ada beberapa modul di python untuk menggambar grafik, semacam graphy, pycairochart, matplotlib dll. Berikut adalah contoh plot grafik dari y=sin(x) dengan range x dari -10 s.d 10 dengan resolusi 0.1 satuan. Resolusi di sini adalah langkah dari -10 ke 10, jadi kita akan mem-plot sin(-10), sin(-9,9), sin(-9.8), ...

The Journey of Installing Matplotlib Python Module on OS X Lion

I need matplotlib to plot my python output when I am running my output function generator python code.

This post is a log of what I did to being able to install matplotlib 1.1.0 on python 2.7.2 on my Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2. Yet, it's unfinished job.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Portable Python

When I wandering around, through virtual world, looking for Python reference of matplotlib, don't know what link I'd click, suddenly I'm landing in Portable Python page. Barely interested, not because it's not interesting, but I've already have python on my Mac and this Portable Python came with .exe download, such a tedious job if I try to run it on my machine (clearly, it's Windows apps). However, it's really useful distribution of Python.


Several weeks ago my iRig package has come, finally. I expect it'll come earlier but alas my home's in the middle of nowhere surounded with forest and mountain, even google map refuse to map my place, :). At least it comes safely at my front door.

Script Python untuk Menghitung Nilai Input berupa Fungsi

Script di bawah adalah kode python sederhana untuk menghitung nilai sebuah fungsi yang dimasukkan sebagai input pada variabel tertentu. Fungsi yang diinputkan bisa bermacam-macam.

Agar Python Lebih Manusiawi

Kita dapat menggunakan parser pada python untuk memasukkan input berupa fungsi atau persamaan. Namun, fungsi yang kita masukkan harus mengikuti aturan python, misal kita ingin fungsi y=x^2+2x+2, maka untuk input kita harus memasukkan  x**2+2*x. Memang tidak begitu merepotkan, namun akan lebih baik jika input yang kita masukkan sesuai dengan kebiasaan kita.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Input berupa Fungsi Fleksibel pada Python dengan Menggunakan Parser

Saat kita membuat sebuah aplikasi, sering kita memberi kesempatan pengguna untuk memberikan input. Misal pada program untuk menghitung akar persamaan kuadarat ax^2+bx+c, kita memberi input berupa nilai a, b dan c. Ini berarti program yang dibuat hanya dapat menyelesaikan persamaan kuadarat dengan model ax^2+bx+c. Bentuk penulisan seperti ini disebut hardcode. Bagaimana misal jika kita menginginkan akar 3x^3-3? Atau menemukan nilai y=sin(x)? Tentu saja kita harus membuat program yang baru.


Do you have a computer with NVIDIA Graphics Card. If by any chance the answer is yes then you probably can use that machine to do some cool paralel computation task in this area:
Computational Structural Mechanics
Bio-Informatics and Life Sciences
Medical Imaging
Weather and Space
Data Mining and Analytics
Imaging and Computer Vision
Computational Finance
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Electromagnetics and Electrodynamics
Molecular Dynamics

Bang Toyib Versi Arab

Jika mendengar lantunan diba' aku selalu (ya, selalu) menangkap lagunya, tidak pernah ayatnya. Sering sekali aku mendengar kata 'Bang Toyib' di otakku walaupun telingaku mendengar kata… kata…,hm… pokoknya kata-kata bahasa arab :). Bahkan di beberapa kesempatan, aku justru membayangkan videoklip lagu yang liriknya diganti ayat-ayat dalam buku diba'.


Ada yang tahu tayub? Tayub merupakan kesenian daerah yang menyajikan pertunjukan campursari; lagu-lagu yang dilantunkan oleh sinden, ada beberapa ledek(penari) yang mbeso(menari tarian daerah). Para ledek tersebut menari dengan lawan tari dari para undangan yang menari secara bergiliran yang diurut berdasarkan nomor meja yang mereka duduki.

Sepur Mesle Ngajubile

Beberapa hari yang lalu aku tiba-tiba Heri nyletuk saat sedang chatting begini (kutipan perhuruf, :) ):
"mas,,,asolole kuwi konon katanya dari kata allohuma sholi alaih, kemudian jadi sholi alaih, kemudian jadi asolole,,,hehehehe"

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lagu anak

Iku mono ra sepiro, ibarat aku duwe konco
Lagak e koyok jutawan ngalor ngidul gowo koran,

tibakno gendeng anyaran ditabok setan


Siang itu aku berada di antara orang-orang yang bertujuan yang sama dengan aku, menunggu mendapatkan pelayanan. Syukurlah di tempat ini menganut sistem antri, jadi aku tidak perlu memasang wajah garang untuk tiap orang yang datang belakangan.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Dari Rock ke Asolole

Eh, itu kan...
Wah, benar memang dia.
Saat itu aku menghadiri undangan nikahannya... nikahannya... hm..., anu, eh, sebenarnya gak begitu kenal, tapi sebagai 'orang desa' maka aku hadir juga. Nah seperti kebanyakan acara nikahan di desa, maka para undangan pun disuguhi live musik jenis campursari-dangdut-koplo-asolole (duh...).

Grapher on Mac OS X

Any wonder how "x power ten" curve is? Well, maybe not, we know that equation is just another parabolic like curve. But how about (x^3-3x)/(4x-3)? Maybe little calculation could help. How about e^x-x^2... (oh my God, WHAT IN EARTH YOU'RE TRYING TO SAY?)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Surat Yusuf

"Loh, kok Al Baqarah sih!!"
"Harusnya kan surat Yusuf"
"Eh? Tadi kan sudah"
"Al Baqarah kan sapi betina"

iPad 1 Mirorring without Cydia's DisplayOut on iOS 4.3.3

Many of iPad 1 owner rely on Cydia's DisplayOut app for mirorring their display device on LCD or projector. However, althought just few, some had problem with iPad Dock to VGA connector to get worked with it.