Friday, November 11, 2011

iPad Mirroring

Yeah, as we know, iPad2 have video mirroring feature using its HDMI cable whereas we, iPad user, stuck with "keynote only" VGA adapter, but there is alternative.

There are app designed to mirorring at iPad named DisplayOut. This app, as mentioned by its name, bring mirroring capability on iPad.

DisplayOut is available to purchase at Cydia. Available at Cydia means your iPad must already jailbroken.

I don't really know if this app work with iPad dock to VGA adapter as I didn't purchase it yet. But if you googling, you'll find there is problem with VGA adapter; it just give black screen. AV component seems have no problem though.

Jailbreaking is legal (at least in US) despite its voided warranty, so it's worth to try this app.