Thursday, December 1, 2011

iPad 1 Mirorring without Cydia's DisplayOut on iOS 4.3.3

Many of iPad 1 owner rely on Cydia's DisplayOut app for mirorring their display device on LCD or projector. However, althought just few, some had problem with iPad Dock to VGA connector to get worked with it.
Some experienced a blank display when using VGA connector. It's weird because if we enable 'dotting', and touch iPad display, the dot appear on projector. Maybe that's minor issue when we want a iPad mirror using DisplayOut but we have an alternative (thanks to MacStories). This method can be applied on iOS 4.3.3.
Assumming we could SSH-ing our Ipad, we must navigate to system/library/coreservices/ Edit files K48AP.plist (I'm using VIM for iPad), Add lines under with 
save the change, restart the devices, pray, attach VGA connector, wait n see. :)
Of course we don't have to use VIM editor, we could just download K48AP.plist and edit it with our favorite text editor or plist editor.