Monday, November 14, 2011

DropBox as iCloud-like Cloud

iCloud coming this fall bringing cloud computing capability to OS X Lion and iOS 5. So Mac user and iDevice (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) always have their data synced among their device.

I have a Macbook and an iPad. Unfortunately its OS is still old Snow Leopard and iOS 4.3.3 respectively. I tried to register at but maybe apple had "track record" of my device because it ask me to upgrade my mac. Hm, I wonder why Windows Vista, an old released OS, is supported while 2009 released Snow Leopard is not.

Rumors is spread that Apple will bring iCloud capability to Snow Leopard through next 10.6.9 update. While it's good to be true, I've had applied cloud solution slightly longer than apple do, using Dropbox.

Using Dropbox, we can sync files on multiple device. Dropbox upload a file to Dropbox server and then the devices, with Dropbox client installed, compare file version in its local Dropbox folder.

Dropbox is also able to sync via LAN, resulting a faster sync.

Dropbox is available at appstore as free apps.