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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Good morning Paman Matahari...

pus putih: wake up, Item! Don't be lazy, or kuning will eat your breakfast again!

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In the morning

pus putih: don't talk with me now! I am reading newspaper

pus kuning: but I am boring

pus putih: silent! I am concentrating.

pus kuning: stubborn... huh. Item, let's play!

pus item: No, I got headache, hiks!

pus kuning: Have you had breakfast!

pus item: How!! You've eaten all our food, Ndut!!

pus kuning: oops.., hehe

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Aiko and Meiko

Meko, turun...

( ... )

Mekoo..., turun

( euw ) -> ?

Mekooo...!!, turun!!

( meooonngg! ) -> nggak mau!!

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Here I am

I am the one!
I am queen!
I am konqueror!

who are you?!

You are just junk!

I am number one!
you are number sixty four!

Get out here!
go to trash bin!
That is your place

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